October 2017 - Year 1 is almost done

It has been a little while since you heard from me, but I'm back to let you know about our last event of the year and what we've got in store for 2018...

Back to hospital...
The back half of 2017 has been a tough one. After a hectic year with events, moving house, a busy summer of work and trying to fit life in and around it all, I think everything just caught up with me. For most people, that might mean feeling a bit under the weather and a rest would do them good. For someone with Cystic Fibrosis though, things can be a lot worse. And so, after trying all the usual tricks, along with advice from the cf team, it was decided that a couple of weeks in hospital for some intensive antibiotic treatment was in order. It did fit with the cycle of the last few years, with hospital visits coming around every 12-18 months as well and the improvement in how I felt from before and after was marked.

Home for 2 weeks in September

I count myself very lucky, in two senses. Firstly, that I am able to stay out of hospital for that long and being able to live the life I want to lead - for a lot of CF patients, those types of visits could be required multiple times a year. Secondly, that the hospital visits are an option for me. As I mentioned, I always feel so much better after them, the care I receive is amazing and to come out at the end without a huge bill to pay is incredible. Massive love to the NHS!!!

What's next?
As you'd probably expect, 2 weeks staring at the same four walls, avoiding the melancholy of daytime TV, you get a lot of thinking time. So as we approach the end of the first year of 30 for 30, I had plenty of time to start planning 2018 (you can find out more about our 2018 plans here).

But first, there is still our final event of the year. I had planned in a cycling event in October but into the summer, dates weren't working out and seeing the early signs of being unwell, it seemed sensible to rest and recover rather than push through it all. Seeing as I was in hospital whilst the event(s) happened, it was probably the best call. 

This means then, that our final event of the year will be the mountain bike duathlon at Coed-y-Brenin in North Wales. Obviously, I've signed up for the full event so it's going to be a tough day and in mid-November, it's probably going to rain. We're used to crap weather by now though...

The event is on the 12th November and comprises of a 9km run, 28km moutain bike and a 5km run. More info on the event is available here.

We are also, in the process of arranging a curry night as well! Same as last time, it will be at Britannia Spice (the North West's premier curry destination (my opinion)), probably £15 a ticket which will include your food and a handsome donation to 30 for 30!!! It's going to be mid-November and we'll confirm a date asap! We're also looking at getting the event sponsored so your donation could be worth double!! If that's not a good reason to come down, I don't know what is.