2018: The Year of the Run

2018 will have plenty more of this

As 2017 was the year of the bike, 2018 will see the 30 for 30 team lace up their running shoes and go full Forest Gump.

We need you...
Running is a beautiful sport, it is the simplest form of exercise, a great way to get fit, totally accessible and you can make it as hard or as easy as you want!

For 2018, our target is to 'race' 1000km. And that is where you come in. You were all so amazing at getting involved in events in 2015, pushing yourself and we want more. We want you to sign yourself up for something in 2018. It can be anything from a 5km park run to an ultra marathon (I will not be doing an ultra-marathon, promise). You can pledge your kilometres (I am working on exactly how that will look atm) and together, we will hopefully smash 1000km by the end of the year.

A big reason for doing this over the last couple of years has been the undeniable benefits of exercise for everyone, but especially for those with Cystic Fibrosis. Looking at the barriers as to why people might not do as much exercise as they could do, running is something that breaks down more of those barriers than other sports.

We are starting to pick out events for the year and once we have signed up, we'll share the info on facebook so you can join in. So if you've ever wanted to get fitter, to take up running or to run a 10km, now is the time to do it and if you want to run for 30 for 30 and raise money for the incredible Cystic Fibrosis Trust then join us in getting to our 1000km target!

Keep your eye out for more details coming soon!!!!

Love to you all and remember,

"If people were possessed by reason, running marathons would not work. But we are not creatures of reason. We are creatures of passion." 
(Noel Carrol, off of Irish running in the 60's)