May 2017 - Here comes the sun...

As we enter into the summer months, our events are starting to come thick and fast! Welcome to our round-up for May!!

What we've been up to
It's been another hard month for the team as we approach the busiest time of the year for events. May saw the Windemere marathon for James. It was a tough day with minimal feed stations but he didn't let that slow him down too much, getting around the course in 3 hours 50!! That was just the warm up though and just one week later, James ran a personal best at the rock n roll marathon of 3 hours 18 minutes!! I'm sure we can all agree that it's an incredible achievement and it's incredible to see people putting themselves through such pain to raise money for such an important cause.

In case you were wondering, this is how it feels to run a
marathon in 3:18
For the rest of us, taking on the half marathon, it was an early start to get up, get fuel on board and get to Liverpool in time to drop our bags off and gather on the start-line. We had five runners in the half and after quite a lot of queuing for the bag drop, we were all eager to get started and, after a brief delay, we did exactly that.

There's something quite special about crossing the start-line in your group with the crowds going wild (politely clapping (it was pre-10am on a Sunday tbf)). The plan was to run in two groups. A plan that was going swimmingly for the first mile. An issue of over-hydrating, on my part, scuppered that and a couple of impromptu side-of-the-road wee stops split us up.  Me aside though, the others managed to stick to their plan and did amazingly well to get round in great times!

start-line sqaud
My race went to plan as well and despite a stopwatch failure at around 8 miles and thanks to a 'sprint' finish which perhaps started too far out, I got round in 1:59:53 (target was 2 hours *nail painting emoji*). Also, I didn't cry this time. I tend to cry quite a lot at the end of races but I fully didn't.

It's important to get the
carbs on board before a
race...even if it's from
the chippy
Thank you's, as always go to the friends and family who came out to support us all on the day, especially at mile 12, it was the boost I think everyone needs at that stage! Thanks as well to Helen, Joe, Catherine and Rachel for running as part of the team!

Plenty still to come...
That is all just the beginning though, things are about to get really exciting (hard) for the 30 for 30 team. As we approach the second weekend of June we are now less than a month away from the Coast 2 Coast challenge. Less. Than. A. Month. And before that, James has the small matter of running 53 miles. Actual fifty-three miles. Of running.

Also, we are putting our next video together. We're aiming to drop it (sorry) in CF awareness week which is the 19th - 25th June, so you'll get a sneak peak at the training we've been doing ahead of the Coast 2 Coast. We'll be having a closer look at life with cystic fibrosis and encouraging you to try some things out!

Until then, have a look at our event preview of the Coast 2 Coast and as always, keep reading, keep sharing and keep donating!!!