April 2017 - Calm Before the Storm

Spring is in the air, the nights are getting longer and the sun has got it's hat on. April may have been a quiet month for events but there has been plenty of other things going on to keep us busy. Here's what we've been up to.

What we've been up to...
Most of us have just been confined to training this month but serial runner and all round mad man, James has been as busy as ever completing the Sheffield Half Marathon in an amazing 1 hour 33 minutes. We are also now less than a month away from James' running bonanza when he'll race over 100 (one hundred MILES) in just a matter of weeks!

The 2017 Parkgate Primary School Easter Egg Hunt also took in place in aide of 30 for 30 raising an incredible £75!! Reports where that everyone had a great day but there was a dead heat in the egg and spoon race!!

Other than that, it's the calm before the storm, plenty of training and preparation as we approach a busy summer of running, walking and cycling.

We also had the small (not small, in fact very big and amazing) matter of passing the halfway mark of our fundraising total which now stands at £15,008!!!! Thank you again to all the contributors, donaters (not a real word) and supporters.

Activity Unlimited
Being active and keeping fit is a massive part of fighting and controlling the effects that Cystic Fibrosis can have. I firmly believe it is the reason that I have been able to maintain a good level of health and continue to be able to live a 'normal' life. It's also one reason behind the work I've been doing with 30 for 30. As well as raising awareness and money for the CF Trust, my aim was to tray and inspire others with CF to get active and perhaps start a journey towards a better quality of life.

So I was delighted when the CF Trust team came knocking and asked if I would do a Week-in-the-life-of Sean... and note down all the exercise I do. The main thing I wanted to do was break down the barriers people face when trying to include more physical activity in their daily life. Often people feel they don't have time or it costs too much. Hopefully I've shown it can be done cheap and also fitted in around what you are already doing.

You can have a look at my week on the CF Trust website.

What's next...?
That's all for now, our next big event is the Rock 'n' Roll marathon and 1/2 in Liverpool and I cannot wait to get my running shoes back on to tackle my third half marathon in Liverpool!!

May is also CF Awareness Month, so keep your eyes peeled for a special video release later this month from the 30 for 30 team!

Keep sharing, keep running, keep cycling, keep donating!!

Love you all

Sean xoxo