February 2017 - Gladiators, ready....

With fifteen events in 2015, we had plenty to write about from the events alone. This time round, with less events to write about, we're giving you a closer look at the preparation and training that go into taking on some truly mammoth events, as well as explaining a bit more about what it means to live with Cystic Fibrosis.

What we're doing

After relaunching back in January, we spent the next month finalising exactly what we wanted to do this year and how we wanted to format what we're doing. After much discussion (over a lovely curry), we decided that we would have three different levels of events, with the more challenging events being themed each year to help with training and to allow us to perform to the best of our ability. So each year we will have gold, silver and bronze events (explained below)

Gold - These will be the main events of the year, the most challenging and also the events that are themed each year - This year will be cycling.

Silver - These will be other physical challenges and where we encourage as many of you to get involved in. If you've ever wanted to set yourself a challenge and do something, whether its a 5k or a half marathon, now is your chance to do it and we would love it if you did it for 30 for 30! We've already had a great response from people wanting to get involved and we'll be sharing details of it all very soon.

Bronze - Everyone's favourite, the social events. Think curry's, raffle nights, auctions and cake sales. This is also a great chance to get involved, have some fun and raise some money for an amazing charity.
Working through the pain with the
exercise team

WATCH Sean explain more about 30 for 30.


February also saw training start in earnest. Our main event of the year is going to be the Coast to Coast cycle, which we will be attempting to do in just 1 day. So that is the main focus of the training, starting off small and slowly progressing week on week until we're ready to tackle the hilly 145 mile route.

I (Sean) was also lucky enough to get the chance to meet with the exercise team at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital who put me through my paces on the spin bike to get an idea of where my fitness test is at and where we can look to make improvements and specify the training needed. I was very pleased to find out that despite the battle with Cystic Firbosis, my results showed that I'm in the top 40% of the fittest people in the country! This should be a great base to build from and I'm looking forward to working closer with the team throughout the year.
Genuinely being talked through a
scale of pain before getting on the bike

As always, don't forget the reason why we are doing this. Over 10,000 people in the UK live with Cystic Fibrosis and the CF trust are doing fantastic work in funding research into curing the disease. If you like what we're doing, please donate at www.justgiving.com/15for15 and help us hit that magical £30,000!!!

Coming up...

Finally, you should know that we are now only one week ago from the first 30 for 30 event. Sunday 5th March sees the crew return to fan-favourite - Tuff Nutz! Keep your eyes out for more information coming this week...

That's it for now though. I've cycled 50 miles for the first time since June today and am looking on quite a serious nap on the sofa. Don't forget to like, share and tell your friends.

Peace and love

Sean xoxoxo