That's a Wrap

The Rock 'n' Roll marathon was the hardest event by a long way
1 year ago, instead of returning to work after the Christmas break, I was on my way into hospital for intensive antibiotics after months of being unwell. I’d had plans for Fifteen for ’15 but knowing I would start the year with 2 weeks in hospital put serious doubts in my mind as to whether I would be up for the challenge(s). Sitting in a hospital bed for that long though, gives you a lot of thinking time and gave me the determination to get out and make a difference.

My Christmas break was a little different this year and I’ve spent the time reflecting on what has been an incredible 12 months. Setting out with a target of £5,000.00, we had a good idea of what challenges and events we would be doing but weren’t too sure exactly how it would all pan out and I think it’s fair to say that we could not have ever dreamed of the scale that our achievements would reach.

The C2C is my biggest achievement to date and was a real
roller-coaster of a trip
What we've achieved physically is immense and what we've achieved in fundraising terms has completely blown me away. During events this year, we have travelled over 2,100 miles either running, cycling or walking, not to mention all the training miles we've put in as well. And, after breaking 3 fundraising targets, we've raised over £14,100.00 (plus gift aid) and our Just Giving page in the top 1% of 2015.
If you've been involved in the campaign at any point throughout the year, whether you've competed in challenges, come to support, driven us around or donated, you should be incredibly proud of what you've achieved.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all as well. This year would have been nowhere near as amazing if it wasn't for everyone who has helped out along the way.
We'll be back for Tuff Nutz in 2016

We’ve got some more things planned for 2016 but for now, we’re out.