Event 10 (Ten) - We're on the home straight

Hello you! It's been a while hasn't it. We've had a bit longer between events over the summer which has given us plenty of time for rest and relaxation (relentless training) in preparation for the final leg of this incredible journey.

A lot has happened in that time though, we've SMASHED our £5000 target and we're already well on the way to our new target of £7,500. We've also hit the big time and getting some very welcome media coverage in the local paper and on BBC Radio Merseyside no less (interview to air on 24th August @11.30).

The break is over now though, and we're back with a bang as we have 3 events over the next 3 weekends. First up, the Coast 2 Coast bike ride.

When & Where
Saturday 29th - Sunday 30th August. The conventional C2C would be done over 3 or 4 days from West to East - the favourable direction as you'll generally get a little help from the wind and the gradients are a little gentler. This is Fifteen for '15 though, so naturally, we'll be doing it over 2 days from East to West - a route for those "who like unrelentingly hostile gradients with the wind in their face". These are actual words from the C2C guide book. So yeah.

What is it?
As the name suggests, we will be dipping our wheels in the sea on the East coast (Sunderland), cycling to the other side of the country (Whitehaven) and doing the same. Our route is around 145 miles in total, with huge potential for extra miles if we're lucky enough to get lost along the way.

We'll be travelling to Sunderland on Saturday morning, cycling 60 miles through the afternoon/early evening to Alston where we are staying the night before what promises to be a gruelling 70 miles through the Lake District before finishing in Whitehaven.

Myself, Sean, will be there having only missed one event so far (The Great Swim), my oldest brother Gareth, James and Tuff Nutz runner Joey.

As you'll know, I am all about the cycling and having seen my Dad do the C2C it's something I've always wanted to do. I've always enjoyed the sense of freedom of travelling big distances under your own steam and have taken inspiration from the likes of Mark Beaumont who broke the world record for cycling round the world and Davina McCall for her mammoth Run/Cycle/Swim, so what better to do than travel from one side of the country to the other.

As you'll also know, we don't do things the easy way here. We're all about pushing ourselves to the limit and I have no doubt that this one will take us to those very limits.

Signal dependant, we'll try and keep you all updated with our progress over the 2 day trip so stay tuned to our Facebook page for live updates.

As always, keep reading, sharing and donating!