Event #5 & #6 - Double Header

In the spirit of these events getting harder, let me introduce number 5 & 6. On Sunday the 14th June, we have a double header of events. A few of us will be doing more of the running, in the name of the Rock 'n' Roll Liverpool Marathon, whilst Gaz will be heading to Lake Windemere for the Great North Swim.

When & Where
Rock 'n' Roll Marathon - Starting and ending on the Liverpool Docks, we will be taking heading out and around Everton (boooo) and Anfield (wheeeeyyy), back into the city centre before heading out around Sefton Park and back along the front to the finish line.

Great North Swim - Lake Windemere, the Lake District

What is it?
Fairly self explanatory is what they are. The marathon is a 26.2 mile run. The rock 'n' roll part comes with bands playing at every mile with the headliner at the finish line being...er...the guy who sang Tainted Love. I'm guessing he'll be singing that on loop for a few hours to welcome the finishers so avoid the finish line until necessary if you're spectating.

The Great North Swim is a freezing cold, wetsuit clad 2 mile swim in the fabulous setting of the lake district. Think back to Davina McCall's run/bike/swim challenge. When she got in a bad way in the lake. Yeah, that.

Good question. The closer I get to the marathon, the more I wonder why. I have never had any inclination to run a marathon until April 2014, when I went to London to watch my cousin, Leah, and her friend Jess run the London Marathon. Once I'd got the idea in my head, unfortunately there was no shifting it. And after rejection from the London marathon (booooo) I was on the search for another and found the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon.

If I complete this, it will definitely be my biggest achievement to date. For the whole year, this has been my main focus and everything I've done up until now has helped me prepare for this. The weekends I have given up to run for hours on end will all be worth it so expect the finish line to be tres emotional. I'll feel like I've really broken the back of these events after the marathon.

For Gaz, this will be his 3rd Great North Swim. After not being much of a swimmer, he showed what hard work and dedication can do when a goal is set, a few years ago. He went from being able to swim one length of a pool to smashing the course of the Great North Swim, all in the name of raising money for Cystic Fibrosis. Once I'd told him about the Fifteen events, he was more than happy to don his wetsuit and swimming cap and take the plunge again. Running a marathon ain't going to be easy but I know what I'd rather do, and it doesn't involve Windemere...

Can I get Involved?
Well, for either, I think you would be off your rocker if you wanted to enter now, but support is more than welcome.

There is always donating as well. You have all been incredibly generous so far but this is the big one. If you want to donate, please head to our Just Giving page. We are only 8 donations away from hitting 100 and with the bucket collection from the spinathon, we're closing in fast on £4000.00!! I am seriously overwhelmed and have an enormous amount of gratitude for anyone who has donated or completed and event. You are all amazing!

Peace xx