Event #2 - Liverpool Half Marathon D.O.N.E

If you were to ask me for a one word review of the Liverpool Half Marathon, I would say "Wet!". Which isn't fair really, because it was very, very wet, but that's more than one word and I need you all to know just how wet it was.

Creeping towards the start line, still dry.
Joking aside, it was wet. But I'm in danger of saying "wet" so many times, it won't seem like a real word any more. So, having dried off and recovered from the pain (and with our 3rd event about to happen) I thought you will all be desperate to find out how we got on.

All of the running
The race itself, was fairly uneventful, in comparison to the first event and it was really just a case of ticking off the mile markers and staying comfortable. I ran the whole race with Ollie which definitely helped me stay motivated throughout and stick to the pace we'd trained at. We'd aimed our training to run sub 1:50 and were actually on target for 1:40 up until mile 10 and 11 which slowed us down a little. Despite that, I am proud to say we got round in 1:45 (and 9 seconds). Ollie did beat me by a second, which was a little awkward but we won't dwell on that.

James cruising towards the finish
Ste and James were keen to hit an exceptionally good time and set off in search of a 1 hour 30 run. Sticking together for 10 miles, James stepped it up and went for a quick last three miles. Posting very impressive times of 1:31 and 1:32, they pretty much hit their target, running 7 minute miles all the way through is some effort!

Despite suffering at mile 8, Dan managed to beat his PB by 6 minutes. A superb effort, especially considering the conditions we were running in. Have I mentioned it was wet? Helped through by supportive friends and no doubt the fantastic support, Dan got round in 1:51.

Liz and Amy were both determined to complete the run, not focusing too much on a time, after injury interrupted Liz's training and science got in the way of Amy being able to train, both girls did absolutely amazing! Liz surpassed her expectations, ran all the way and finished in 2:29 and Amy, too stubborn to not run finished just over 2:30.

All round, it was such an amazing effort by everyone and I genuinely couldn't be prouder to have them all in my team!

Me and Ollie powering round the final couple of corners.