Event #2 - Liverpool Half Marathon

The second Fifteen for '15 is the Liverpool Half Marathon. Have a look at the information below and see if you want to get involved.

Event Name
Liverpool Half Marathon

When and Where
Sunday, 29th March in Liverpool City Centre.

What is it?
One of the more straight forward events on the Fifteen for '15 calendar, as the name suggests, this is a straight up 13.1 mile run.

This is one of the events I'm taking very seriously and want to put down a good time. The reason I'm doing it is because I've done one half marathon 3 years ago and it was without doubt the hardest thing I've done. This year will be different though. I'm training seriously for it and looking to complete the run under 1 hour 50 minutes. 

One of the reasons I am doing this year of challenges is to celebrate the fact I can live an active lifestyle. I am doing this to show (myself) how far I have come and if I can beat my time from 3 years ago, I'll be pleased with my progress!

Can I get Involved

The Liverpool Half Marathon is already set to be one of our most popular events with 8 Fifteen for '15 team members already signed up to take part in the half marathon. If you want to join us, just head to the BTR website for more info and to sign up.

This is also one of the most accessible events in terms of spectators as well so if you're free on the 29th March, you should definitely come to Liverpool to see us run (crawl) over the finish line!

Wish us luck