Event #1 - Mountian Bike Duathalon

Over the coming weeks, we'll be profiling each of our events to give you all an idea of what we're putting ourselves through in the name of a good cause, but also so you can have a think about whether you want to get involved.

Event Name
Fearless MTB Duathlon, put on by Uber Fit Events

When and Where
Sunday 22nd February at Llandegla in North Wales.

What is it?
The first events combines one of my passions (Mountain Biking) and one of my less favourite past times (running).

Based in Llandegla forest in North Wales, the event kicks off with a 7.5km run through the forest before a 19 km mountain bike ride and finishes with a 5.3km run.

Each event has been carefully selected. We wanted a real variety of events, some that would really push our limits and some that would be more accessible to encourage more and more people to get active and get involved.

Most of the events are physical. It has been proven that exercise is one of the most beneficial treatments for Cystic Fibrosis so it seemed obvious to centre our campaign around it.

This event definitely falls into the category of pushing our limits. It is certainly my first ever multi-sport event and whilst I am a keen mountain biker and run regularly, I have never done them one after the other and it certainly promises to test our physical and mental fitness.

Can I get Involved
As with any of our events, if you want to get involved, you can sign up through the usual avenues. If you do so, get in touch so we can  support your efforts.

If you would like to take part in the duathlon then please visit the  Uber Fit Website.